My Story, My Works, Our World…

In the world of filmmaking, the first step to making a movie is to create a synopsis, which all starts with the character and the character’s story. Well here is mine…

This is the story of a boy, who because he experiences so many challenges and hardships, becomes afraid of the world rejecting him. So the boy rejects his world and he begins to fall, being kicked out of house and home, he falls some more, dropping out of school,and crashes below rock bottom into a pit of drugs and isolation.. And at the point that his world is at the brink of ending early, at gunpoint and at death, he wakes up to see some value in his world, and the potential he has to change his life. So he chooses to crawl up the pit, falling down time and time again, but he continues to crawl. Up he slowly goes from a drop out on drugs to a community college with hope, to a University with a fresh start, to a growing passion in a major of media, to a growing passion in service and giving back to our world he accepts and wants to change to help create the world as it should be.

The purpose of my life has changed from trying to forget about the world to trying to give back to the world. I want to help the other kids who have been through challenging times, and to help them build their life and build our world as it should be.


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